You could spend days, weeks, months and years trying different classes; therapists; booking many different retreats…and it all helps! But what is your go to? When you are stuck and the class isn’t on, the therapist unavailable, the retreat fully booked; who do you turn to? Maybe that’s the secret-the real one! Getting to know what YOU need for your soul! The good stuff. The power tools. The ones that are the right ones for you.

Maybe you didn’t know it, maybe you did but you don’t know how to get there. My job is to provide tools and techniques for you to learn the way back home; the way back to your power; your purpose; yourself!

There has never been a better time; if there were, you wouldn’t be here now! This is the sign you have been waiting for, your a-ha moment, the abracadabra that came true!

With a layered approach; SerinaWain SoulCoaching will help you to work through your ‘stuff’ yourself! No fluff, no coercing, no gimmicks! Just you tied in with amazing modules, videos and soulful self study units. There will be free gifts, varied packages and a whole lot of development.

Oh and a whole lot of growth! Are you ready to plant your seed today?

Soul Packages

It’s time to find your way back to you...

Soul packages work from a layered approach. Every plant needs roots before it grows and so does your soul. We will start by laying the right foundations and roots before we build up to the next layer of growth.Each layer can be worked through independently or even with a friend; optional soul coaching is also available to purchase alongside each package. There is no obligation to purchase a coaching session by any means but I am here if you need a little support, encouragement or to really achieve that breakthrough which your soul is searching for!


All of the plants of tomorrow were once the seeds of today!

Your introductory level is affordable, immersive and amazingly varied.

 In this pack, you’ll learn daily practise, a range of techniques and strategies to begin your soul growth journey. 

At this level; you’ll also receive an introductory

discovery call to really enhance your

vision and direct you on your journey of self growth.

Soul Package Level 1


Soul Package Level 2

A plant with strong roots simply laughs at the storm!

You would have now completed your introductory level and are ready to move forward and grow your roots!

You’re enjoying your daily practise but you’re ready to really push your soul journey.

You’ll learn the magic behind self healing techniques, learn how to use your innate intuition PLUS you’ll receive a fabulous, exclusive gift handpicked just for you! 

You are ready to dig deep, immerse yourself fully and grow some roots!

Our Teen/youth Soul Package

Although you could choose many people to look up to;

my hope is that you become your very own muse!

This is one of our most popular packs. Whether you have, know or are a young person or teenager; you have no idea what it really feels like to be one in today’s society!This package helps on the journey of self discovery? Wouldn’t it have been awesome to know about yoga, meditation, crystals and self healing at a young age? Imagine learning these techniques whilst having the tools to figure out your purpose for being here; how to embrace and become empowered by anxiety, self esteem and fear? I’m here for this part of your journey and I’m so excited! Fully trained in mental health and an educational and special needs practitioner; Serina also offers optional coaching for young people and teens and has a fully enhanced DBS. However, this is not mandatory. 


Soul Coaching 1-2-1 Sessions

A soul coach does for the rest of your life; what a personal trainer does for your body.

Impact. Change. Transform.

Have you ever wanted your very own in-house retreat? Whether  for a an alternative to a party, get together or going away? You provide the venue and the people and we bring a team of holistic experts and magic to give you the experience of a lifetime! From goddess pampering, talk circles, reiki and soundbaths to card readings, cacao ceremonies and yoga! It really is magical!

With most in-house retreats ranging from 4-8 hours and for up to 20 people; this is one of our most popular packages!

Using Angel and Oracle cards you can be guided towards areas of your soul journey which are prominent factors in hindering, assisting or accelerating your souls growth. Looking at 6 different areas; you will be given a personalised reading. You may oinstead wish to offer a question which you would want your reading based upon.

Interested in working with SerinaWainSoulCoach?

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